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Will not recognize useable disc

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Been using this program for years, this morning it successfully burned an audio CD with an erased CDRW disc, then I tried to do that again after erasing the same disc and it would keep telling me no useable disc present. So I tried using a regular CDR disc, still will not recognize it. I tried uninstalling the program and rebooting and reinstalling. Still won't recognize blank discs in either drive D or E.


And both drives are recognized in Windows 7 and both drives can burn discs in iTunes.


I had a problem once before where CDBurnerXP could not access the drives while iTunes was open. So I always make sure that iTunes is closed before using CDBurnerXP. That is not the problem now.


I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it twice today. Still no workee.


If no one can point to a fix here then I guess I will go look for a different disc burning program on Cnet and ditch CDBurnerXP for good. I like the program and would like to get it working again but I don't need insoluble headaches like this...

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just tried it out from e-bay ; and would not recieve files from a cd i had loaded a year ago . Wanted to try to download and re-burn some tune ; it would not work :  Any Body no what's up ?  Thanks Maxxx :

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Maybe your hardware is broken? It's rather unusual for a piece of software to stop working without any changes to it. A hardware failure seems more likely to me, but feel free to verify that by trying another app like InfraRecorder.

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Hi Floele, I have a similar problem with my PC. It used to work all right but now it does not recognize any CD format, audio or DVD or CD rom so I cannot play anything, let alone burn. Had a look at the driver, it's ok and the system [Windows 8]  can't see any problem. Should I remove and re-install it?. If so, how can I get a new one? Thank you.

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