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LG BH16NS40 + BD-R = error.

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I am not associated with cdburnerxp.se, but my understanding of the blu-ray standard is that it is supposed to use the UDF filesystem. make sure you are using that.

blu-ray specification (look under format specification and apparently now you must order a book - BDXL is listed there too)

there is also a blu-ray m-disc coming out at some point, supposed to last 1k years or until the Lord comes.


should be great as an archival disc for photos, movies, and use for "gold master discs" for server software etc.

imgburn could be an alternative, apparently nero is having problems with blu-ray. http://forum.my.nero.com/index.php?s=16f3cc6dec7452918dc0a0fc91243388&showtopic=4998&st=0&p=19355&#entry19355

also, make sure you have updated your drive firmware (visit LG's support site). drive firmware can solve problems like the Charlie Chaplain blu-ray playing issues, which are usually caused by a disc with a new code in it which the drive doesn't recognize (yet). this is what firmware updates are for.  things like verbatim, ritek, microboards, mdisc, etc, all these manufacturers have their own product codes in the disc. even for what looks like the same verbatim discs they may come out with newer codes if I understand right.

you should be running windows 7 or later to use blu-ray.

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I am having slightly different issues with the same burner model, even after updating to latest Firmware 1.03 released in April 2014, using CDBurnerXP v4.5.3.4746.


Scenario is: trying to burn a System Image file ~40GB to a Double Layer BD-R media, the burning process runs smoothly, takes about 40 mins in 4x Speed, no Errors.

The resulting disc is readable, and showing the correct file. However, the file is ~218 MB in size only, and when opened with the respective application, shows as invalid Archive.


The source file is accessible, valid, consistent. Already corrupted 3 DL medias with always same result.

I am struggling to get this, as the whole burning process shows no issues but the result is such an obvious Delta.


Are there any Settings I can try to overcome this? I just burnt another disc with less single file sizes, Overall Close to ~50 GB, and produced the correct results.

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It's not used as default because this creates compatibility issues with some devices. However, CDBurnerXP should display an error when you try to add a file larger than 4GB to the compilation. Didn't it do that? And if so, how did you add files?

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what OS are you running? there's a microsoft KB article on windows 7 that shows a known bug that incorrectly reports the size of the data, so the Blu-ray disc gets corrupted. it has not been fixed. a paid support call to microsoft 1800-426-9400 should fix that if you are able to find someone to fix the bug.

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