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data verification fails sometimes

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Great program. Thanks


I've successfuly burnt hundreds of cds, dvds and bu-ray discs over the years with CDBurnerXP, Nero, ImgBurn and others.


I almost always verify the disc after burning and almost always used rewriteable discs because I don't like coasters.


Sometimes verification fails even though the disc appears to be burnt correctly.


I used the get the same problem with Nero with some dvd backups.

As far as I remember Nero failed with some long or non-standard file names.


As a recent example, I was backing up some data to 25gb rewriteable blu-ray discs. 2 discs worked then 1 failed verification. I tried another disc, same problem. I moved the data to another drive before burning, same problem. I checked the drive for errors, same problem. I burnt a different compilation to the same discs and verification completed successfully.


My conclusion is that it must be something about the data or filename(s) which causes verification to fail.


I've just enabled the log file so perhaps that'll give some more information as to which file(s) cause verification to fail?


Thanks in advance

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If Nero has the same problem, maybe you should ask the Nero support first about this issue, since it doesn't really seem to be related to the burning app then. They have full time employees working in support, I guess they can help you better than I can in this case.

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