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Burning Audio CD without gab leaves a gap of milliseconds

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since i found nothing in den search-function, maybe someone here is able to help me.


I recorded/edited/bounced my own audio-files in cubase and made sure that the .wave (44.1k/16bit) files fit properly toghether. And when I burn those files with another buring programm there is no gap.

Since the other programm is just a trial version and isn't able to burn the whole Album I tried CDBurnerXP.


But in CDBurnerXP, even when the Option Burn without 2 sec. gap is active, the Result is a smaall gap of some milliseconds... this is anoying as i have 2 tracks where one goes into another without stopping.


Did anyone have the same problem ? or does someone here know something about this issue?




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Did you verify that the tracks themselves do not include any silence at the beginning or end? CDBurnerXP will not alter the audio data and remove silence. It will only not add any further gaps.

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