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dxp defaults to excludes new files and folders

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CDBurnerXP 64-bit          observed with Windows 8.1 64-bit


For saved dxp compilations, new folders and new files created will NOT automatically be added to the compilation unless the option found in File, Options, Data Options, "After opening a compilation, update it automatically" is checked. The default for this option is unchecked equals off!


In other words, creating a dxp for a non-technical user and putting a short-cut to the the dxp on the desktop will result in a person “thinking” they have backed up all their data files when actually any new files or folders added since the dxp was created will be omitted!


Noticed this last night when backing up files and went to check that the new data was actually on the backup and was surprised that it wasn't! Most non-technical people will assume that it is done and never take the time to look, until it's time to retrieve the data!


I understand some people have a messy data structure and may desire only certain files included in a backup compilation and therefore want this option off. Unfortunately, this creates a major oversight for non-technical users. Since the default is off and the program updates itself with one mouse click from a non-technical user, will this default be turned off with each update?


Creating a dxp file certainly simplifies the process for non-technical users. Dragging desired folders, from various locations on a hdd, for each backup, is not going to happen for most non-technical users who know nothing about disk structure and only use a computer to accomplish specific tasks. Even with a dxp compilation it's often still a challenge to to get them to do a couple backups each year. The importance of backups doesn't become apparent until a major data loss and major data re-creation effort has occurred.


A few possible solutions:

1. Set default to ON for "After opening a compilation, update it automatically"

2. Store the "update it automatically" switch in the dxp file. Provide a warning when creating a dxp and offer an opportunity to turn the switch “ON” for the dxp before saving it. Perhaps recommend and set to “ON”, for the dxp, and users who don't want it will have to uncheck to over-ride the warning. This way the program default will still be “off” but the saved dxp will update automatically when opened.

3. Allow creation of dxp with only the desired target folders stored in the dxp file. Automatically include all files and sub-folders when opening the dxp.


Thank you for creating this program and making it available. Good design and visual layout. The dxp compilations are handy for people who have limited technical understanding. Hope the suggested solutions will not require a major reprogramming effort. Appreciate your dedication keeping users happy with widely varying desires and requirements.

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I don't think it is reasonable to change the default here. By default, I would expect the data compilation to always stay the same, once created. That's the reason for saving it in the first place.


In regard to 2), I would consider this a reasonable feature request, please post your idea on https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/

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