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[2.29] Install XP pro - installing as Administrator [closed]

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After installing CDburner as Administrator the 'normal' user keeps getting a screen "Preparing for install" (installatioin has already been done by Administrator).

The normal user does not have rights to install from c:\documents&settings\Administrator and because of that the installation can not be completed. Choosing an other path for the installer is not possible.


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My company is very strick about users installing software. There's only 1 place on the client from where i can install the software : c:\remke. All other places are not writable for the normal user.

The problem is after installing as Administrator (install as ...) when starting the program for the first/second/... time it wants to install something from c:\...\Administrator\...

This is not accesible by the user and cannot be changed.

An other location for installation could only be from the home-dir (U:\)


Thx for looking into this ...


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Guest vmgraphics

I have the same problem here with an install in win2k pro.

Installed as the administrator, everything is fine for the admin.

Log in as a normal user - click the CDBXP icon on the desktop and it wants to go through the install, complaining it can't find


Which makes sense, since the normal users can't read inside the admin directory. The thing is, that directory doesn't even exist anymore. It must have only existed during the install.

I did a search for the particular directory name in the registry, and it appears in numerous places with the key name:


I haven't tried changing them all to c:\temp\ just to see if the thing would shut up and just run. Obviously it can't be getting anything from the file, as the directory doesn't exist.

Just for fun, I changed one of the normal users to an adminstrator, and it allowed me to start up CDBXP just fine, so it doesn't seem to necessarily be *doing* anything with the file (as I said the directory doesn't exist) ... but it seems the app gets hung up on the fact that it can't read the InstallSource.

BTW ... when I changed the user back to a normal 'User' - the problem repeated. So it seems to be something that it does on run, even if the software is actually installed.

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Guest sprdthword

Just found out about this software and noticed this thread regarding installation on XP Pro. Just a thought - did anyone try checking the permissions on the program folder and make sure users have read access there - and possibly they need write access to that folder if it is holding some sort of config file.

The problem definitely sounds like a permissions issue - though it may be permissions in the registry too.

There's my 2 cents worth :D

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Guest kowderoi

I'm not sure if this will help, but I had a similar problem one my home PC with Office XP evertime I opened a profile without full administrator privileges. The software would run, but only after an annoying series of windows popping up and asking for the installation CD and whatnot.

In the end, I went into my Administrator profile and gave full Admin status to all of my profiles, opened them up one after the other so the installation could complete everywhere (and tested the Office software), then finally went back into my Admin profile and set the status back to USer (or whatever).

No idea if this is a viable solution on a company PC, IT administrators having their rules about running things.

Good luck.

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Oh, erm, did you try that in version 3? I just noticed that you reported this problem for 2.2.9. This version won't get any fixes anyway.

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