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v4.5.3.4746 - problem burning iso

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Thanks for your reply.


I attach screen prints. 


The gui states that the program is preparing to write, and also that the burning process has started, but nothing happens.  The dvd is not spinning, and no progress is being made, even after about 5 minutes.  And if I then cancel the burning process, there is a message in the gui that the burning process is aborting, but again nothing happens and I can only close the gui by using the Windows task manager.  Thoughout the cpu usage for the program is fluctuating as if something is happening, but no progress is made either in burning the disc or in closing the program after cancelling the burn.


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I moved the iso that will not burn with cdburnerxp to the root of c drive, and still could not burn it.  I moved another iso to the root of c drive and that burned fine.  So I would conclude that the problem is unlikely to be to do with the the location of the iso, and that other iso's will burn fine using v4.5.3.4746.  The iso that will not burn with cdburnerxp v4.5.3.4746, but will burn with winISO, was made with v4.5.3.4746. 


Another iso recently made with version likewise would not burn with v, but I do not know whether it would have burned with the earlier version.


I attach a log of my unsuccessful attempt to burn an iso on the root of c drive, and then to abort the burning, before closing the program with the Windows Task Manager.


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Is this Windows 8 ISO you are burning one of the official downloadable ISOs? If so, you could tell me which one it is and I could try myself.

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