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[C] v. Overburning fail

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Dear Sirs,

I just installed the topic title release of the software and I'm experiencing a trouble or a bug with data disc overburning.


I need to burn some 770+ MB data on a 800 MB (90 mins) disc; well, on the bottom bar I select the CD size I wanna use, I add the files to burn on the disc to the compilation and...surprise (a bitter one, to be true): the pop-up window informs me that the inserted CD has not enough space for burning.


Oh my...I check the CD and it says GIGATAIN CD-R 90 800MB 90 MIN (Compact disc recordable).


So, I try again and its a constant fight bewteen me and the CD Burner XP: I choose Burn and it says NOT ENOUGH space, I insist, CD Burner XP as well; so me too, the software returns me the same reply.


Who's right? Me, the inserted CD medium or the software?


Two against one, the one wins: I dislike it, 2/3 is major than 1/3; it should do what we (me and the CD medium) are asking for, why it doesn't?


I checked every single configuration option among the settings and I figured it out there's no further option to let the software realize that it's failing: no overburn action could be selected.


Updating my optical disc unit firmware is not such easy as it seems, coz Im on a laptop and Im unable to find the suitable firmware.


Waiting for a prompt reply I remain.





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CDBurnerXP does not currently support overburning for data discs and my fail if you are using 800 MB discs. This should get fixed in one of the upcoming versions.

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I cannot overburn at data, my cdburner vers is


The way I try is, after opening I click at bottom and change to 90 min. The cd, I use is 800mb


its showing correct messure (755mb ok) but when click burn, it will noct and wants to put an 2 mediums

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