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Incorrect "No drive" at low speed ? RICOH MP7320A

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Having to Burn an ISO, and my useful Nero not allowed on another XP computer,

I have download and Install CD-Burner for I had been told of it.

Thanks for a open product ; some difficulties to found the procedure at the fist Time, finding not evident that DVD means CD, but because your Help is so good ( BRAVO ),

I do it. No problem, except that MANY TIMES I can't get writing, because of an error message : CD-Burner says there is No Disc ou Unavailable.

I could identify that it was when I tried to burn at low Speed, but not always !

I got this problem with and without IMAPI enabled !

I have got and not this problem on the same Disc (just at the moment, I put twice a CD, wishing to told you the exact message, and it DO Burn at 8x )

Any idea ?

Computer : XP SP2 fr / P4 2GHz 256 Mo RAM

Norton AntiVir + Firewall SP2

CD-Burner v 3.0.113 (not 3.0.115) : any différence about my problem ?

Thanks for any diagnostic !

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Hello Flo,

Yes, sometimes it goes, and sometimes not ! :|:!:

Sometimes at any speed, another time, just at 8x, next just at minimum 32 X ! ! !

And I even may write a CD which was just said Incorrect 5 minutes before !

The only idea I found could be (like some Nero) a incompatibility with IMAPI service ?

But sometimes, it accepts to run without been disactived ?

Must I go and use another tool ?

Y@+ :cry:

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Hello Bis

This morning, I had burn three CD , just Un-like the others !

I used to be obliged to burn at 32 x : this morning it was just at 8x

(for 32 X said "Incorrect Media" !)

For I have read that ASPI where not effective under XP (espacially SP2), and that it's no My computer, I ask which test to do about ASPI drivers.....

Others just burn with XP native tool, bu where you duplicate an ISO image, it's ineffective !

Any suggestion, please ? :oops:

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