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CD-Text fields truncated after approx 30 chars?

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Great piece of software 

(but... :))


I've written a few CDs with CD-Text turned on, using a CUE file originally to set the audio compilation, but am finding that other Windows programs seem to think none of the title or artist fields have more than about 30 characters, whereas in the CUE (& in the compilation list) some of them were 40 or 45 or so. Does this program have a maximum length for individual CD-text fields?


Doesn't the Red Book allow up to 255 per field?  


I think there might be an overall limit of 8 blocks of 256 'packs' of 12 bytes each (so 2048 packs = 24kb) of total payload, if I read this correctly...


...but if so that'd be 248 per track even for a full CD of 99 tracks? 


Although, others seem to think the limit is lower, only 1 block of 252 usable packs (3024 bytes)...


...ah, the 8 multiplier was for 8 languages, so ok go with the 3024 char total, but for a typical 24-track CD that'd be an average of 63 chars for each title & each artist, and some of them will be shorter allowing others to be longer. 



Which is it, and what does CDBurnerXP support?

(I guess it doesn't yet [ever hopeful] support the other CD-Text fields mentioned in the 1st link anyway. Ideally there'd be a specific see-it-all-at-once editor, or a way of importing more fields from the CUE with a warning message if total is too much)



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