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Virus/Trojan in

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I have used CDBurnerXP many years and are very happy with it.

Today I reinstalled my computer, and downloaded the latest version for reinstall.

My McAfee AntiVirus blocks the installer, claiming it contains a Trojan:



I read the other forumpost about OpenCandy. Is this the same, or something else?


Also read about Artemis, and that is not anything I want...


What to do?



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Sorry, but I also received an installation package with a virus - malsign.generic.ab7. I downloaded the package directly from the CDBXP site, and AVG caught and deleted the virus on installation. The package then scanned clean.


I downloaded another copy on another well-protected machine and even though the package scanned clean, it still triggered the same malware warning on installation.


I suggest you check and clean your host system...

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There is nothing wrong with the installers or the host system.. some antivirus products (4 of 54 according to an online scanner) consider OpenCandy as adware. you can download installers without open candy in from the downloads page.

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Just downloaded and install cdbxp_setup_4.5.4.5143.  on a laptop with WIndows 8 and McAfee Internet Security.  During the install a Trojan was detected and the install was interrupted.


Trojan recorded by McAfee was  Artemis!7B4C4AD35768


Has anyone else encountered such an issue?


Update:  so just found this thread so posted here!  So I'm guessing no a big issue then.  The laptop is a test-bed device for Windows 8 so I don't really need CDBurnerXP on it. 

               But I did want to make sure I have not install anything nasty on production/customer machines





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Yes, with McAfee, you do get the warning screens.  It does download and install fine.  CDBurnerXP works very well and I have used it for the past couple years.

- Make sure you download from main site

- Make sure you run your anti-virus/malware after install (mine found nothing after install)

- Yes, would have been nice if they took care of this years ago.

- No, I do not know if you get the same messages when you buy the program.

Use the program.  I guess I just consider this one little hoop to use the free version.

mcafee and cdburnerxp.jpg

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