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it DOES burn a data disc, I see physical evidence.  am using udf2.50 and trying to read it on winxp and it failed, and tried to read it again (continue session) with cdburnerxp.se, and it failed. win7x64ultsp1


the usage graph is also wrong proportion and position. it should start on the left and grow to the right (well, it's ltr here in the USA, not oriental countries where it's rtl). it should also not show 116MB on a 700MB cdr as 70% full (green), as 116/700*100%=16%, which as a fraction is close to 1/5 or 20%/100%.


I am choosing multisession discs (add to tracks later).



changing the UDF type to anything other than 2.50 it sees the disc as 358MB. interesting. is this just random, a lack of variable initialization, or???



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I think I deleted the files in the session with the old disc in, opened a dxp file that had udf 2.50 as the fs and program, changed the fs to udf 1.02, and is now thrashing my optical drive and the led on it is periodically blinking and won't quit.

what in the world is this thing doing? I don't need my drive prematurely worn out. drives heat up from constant access.


aren't there better ways to detect if a disc is in the drive? deviceioctl() a win32 call has IO_CONTROL_STORAGE_VERIFY and IO_CONTROL_STORAGE_VERIFY2. and you can detect if a disc is in the drive without resorting to thrashing.




another bug is that I can't replace the dxp file that already exists. it says


(X) The process cannot access the file
'D:\products\dell-dimension-b110\dell-dimension-drivers.dxp' because

it is being used by another process.


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