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some bugs

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- the "before posting a bug" sticky post's link to third party bugs is a broken link.


- when creating a bootable disk image, there is no OK button, only Cancel. it just left me temporarily befuddled as to what to do next. a solution is, upon success, change the Cancel button to an OK button, or display both an OK button and a Cancel button in the same place and simply toggle visibility style. or just have both buttons separate and gray one out or the other.


- PLEASE, PLEASE add support for 100GB BDXLs (BDR-XL, BDRE-XL). at least BD-DL's (BDR-DL, BDRE-DL) if support is not already there. I want to be sure it works before I go out and buy a pack of discs, only to find out nothing works with it. web site says nothing about this. but starburn site does.

I need to do backups.


- in fact, if you have an additional commandline burning utility that can burn UDF, 2.5 discs and create UDF 2.5 ISOs, that would be great, I could make it as part of my backup programs. it's something I could really use. in fact, I might even provide the batch files - they involve 7-zip for multi-volume archiving.


- udf 1.02 and multisession bootable disc with both files dragged in and a bootable floppy image used for boot (x64 target)


(x) The session cannot be imported, because the sessions's file system is not


The continuation of multisession discs is only possible for discs burned by CDBurnerXP.

...well, it *was* burned by cdburnerxp, and same udf version, and just a few minutes ago. I re-inserted the disc and this happened. in fact, it did not save my compilation file that I saved. UI am trying to re-open. now that I have tried to re-open and failed, files are gone. I really need a cmd shell utility for burning and for iso creation.


- verification according to http://www.osta.org/technology/cdqa5.htm and http://www.osta.org/technology/cdqa7.htm should get done in 737,280,000/(40x*153,600)=120sec=2min max for a cdr.



- disc spanning: once set, cannot be turned off. you get the Disc Required dialog upon burn, there is no selection to do a normal burn, and no checkbox next to the menu item or disc spanning. 


- a feature request for disc spanning: 7-zip (7-zip.org) -v volume archiving of dir trees with backup and restore. currently, 7-zip must have the entire volume set in one place to restore. I do not know about other packages, but it ould b interesting to find out.

not sure how well the licenses will mesh since it's LGPL+unRAR restriction.

you should use LZMA2 compression to get more threads usage and better compression, it will be the default in 7.3x (but don't use that until released). 7.25alpha is better to use.

winzip is a commercial alternative and so is pkzip, stuffit may have an SDK, to my knowledge they can all compress jpegs losslessly. 

udf 1.5: the dialog says"

Disc Required: blah blah

Required present

Writeable disc, wrteable cd-r

703.06MB free, 696.23MB."

so I tried with a smaller file, 696*2^20 bytes.

I got same dialog with the numbers:

697.19MB free, 696.23MB free

fs overhead as a percentage (or other calculation) is not being included in those numbers. for instance, NTFS has a 12% fs overhead.

695*2^20 bytes worked.


- estimation of speed looks to be wrong for cd-r (?). says 7056MB/s which 7056/40=176.4 when in actuality osta.org says it's 2*20x=3,072,000*2=6,144,000bytes/sec which would take 118sec to go over, about 2min. is this coming from the drive or is it just a miscalculation?


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- when creating a bootable disk image, there is no OK button,


Of course there is an OK button. What is the problem?


PLEASE, PLEASE add support for 100GB BDXLs (BDR-XL, BDRE-XL).


This would be StarBurn's task. I can't implement this feature myself.


in fact, if you have an additional commandline burning



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