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[X] problems with ID3V2 tags encoding

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I checked the files, but I don't think this should be considered a bug in CDBurnerXP. For encoding ID3v2 tags, you can either use ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8. You are not using either of those, but instead a local encoding. (Another "trusted" audio player I use also displays your files incorrectly, even WMP can't display it correctly.)


So you should convert your files to use an appropriate encoding.

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> You are not using either of those, but instead a local encoding.

I don't crate or modify this file. It was downloaded 30.11.2002 from internet.


> even WMP can't diplay it correctly.

WMP displays it correctly.









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It might do some conversions because it's running on a russian OS. However, there is no information that says this is the correct behaviour fr ID3 tags, so I am not going to build any workarounds for this case. The tags should be UTF-8 encoded preferably and won't cause any issues then.

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