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non-deterministic disk spanning

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version: 4.5.45143


I was burning a large archive over 9 discs when an assertion error popped up between the 8th and final disc. Retry-ing a few times brought up the same error, and Ignore-ing the error caused CDBurnerXP to crash - I'm not worried about the error. I routinely use the disk spanning feature and have never had an assertion error before, its probably a Windows hiccup and I'll be sure to let you know if it starts happenning reproducibly or frequently.


What did surprise me was that when I restarted CDBurnerXP and burnt only the last disc of the compilation, the files on it were not the same as those that would have been there if the first attempt had succeeded. I noticed this when I copyed the archive back onto the HDD from the set of DVDs; some of the archive chunks were duplicated and an equal number were missing (the chunk files were all the same size).


I used the same procedure each time:

1. drag'n'drop the folders containing the archives from Windows Explorer into CDBurnerXP

2. insert a blank disc into the drive (same brand of discs from the same stack as the first time)

3. wait for CDBurnerXP to recognize the blank

4. select Burn, then Disk Spanning, then Split using the least number of discs


I would expect that CDBurnerXP will create identical sets of discs given an identical compilation and blank disc.


If that is not possible or feasible, or perhaps even if it is, it would be nice to have a save of the split compilation so that it is possible to resume burning of an interrupted session (which could be from a crash, power failure, optical drive dying, manually quitting). One way to do it automatically would be to save the split compilation then update a status file each time a disc in the set is successfully burnt, optionally deleting the save of the split compilation after all discs have been burnt. When CDBurnerXP starts up it would check for the status file and offer to recreate the session and resume burning if it exists.


- Bruce


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You could save ISO images for each of the discs and then use these.

That would work, and is what I do if I happen to have a bad batch of discs (like when I discovered that blanks don't like taking a walk in -20C weather - my normal ~98% success rate turned into a 40%-60% failure rate), but it adds more steps to work around a problem that occurs rarely.

I just found the behaviour surprising and figured that it is something that would make CDBurnerXP one step closer to perfection.

Do you use "as few discs as possible"?

yes... "4. select Burn, then Disk Spanning, then Split using the least number of discs" :)
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