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Drive content not refreshing

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I have a strange problem with my BluRay drive and CDBurnerXP:


I am using cdbxpcmd.exe to incremental backup files to a BluRay drive (LG BE12LU30; USB connected):

cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -device:1 -tao -import -name:EASYARC -udf:2.6 -file:X:\10040012.ECF -file:X:\10040012.ECL


The data is correctly written to disk, but the file-tree is not refreshed. I can't see the newly added files in the Windows Explorer and, what's the real problem, the script won't see the files either. So when the backup script runs again it does not find the files on the BluRay and starts writing again.

It might not be an CDBurnerXP specific problem, but a Windows problem, but I need help to fix this.


How can I force Windows to re-read the BluRay content? Is there a setting inside CDBurnerXP to fix this?


Thank you for your help.


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This can happen on some systems. Sometime ejecting the disc help. If it does not, you even have to reboot the computer. I don't think there is anything CDBurnerXP can do about it.

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Thank you for your reply.

Indeed I forgot to mention that ejecting the disc solves the problem, but ejecting or rebooting is not an option for me.

My Backup-Job is running every two hours and I would go mad if the tray is opening and closing all day long.

It's very strange, because everything worked just fine for the last two years, but for a few weeks now, I am experiencing those problems.


Are there any Windows setting or workarounds to solve this issue?

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My Backup-Job is running every two hours and I would go mad if the tray is opening and closing all day long.


Burning to the same discs every two hours does not seem like a good idea (thinking about the disc's and your drive's lifespan). If you indeed need that, you should probably use an external hard drive or USB stick instead.

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Thank you for sharing your concerns about disc lifespan, but I am not burning every two hours. I am just searching for changes and add files about every two weeks.

Nevertheless this seems not to be a feature, but a bug.

I understand that CDBurnerXP can not do anything about this problem, because it seems to be a Windows problem, but I hope that someone has a suggestion what to do.

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