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On my hard drive, I have saved a lot of music. I have it arranged in catagories such as Holiday Music and Jazz. In each of these catagories, the music is arranged by artist. For example I have most of the albums of I have most of the albums of Frank Sinatra. In my Jazz folder alone there is more than 10 Gigs of music. I need to back it up onto DVD+R DL disks. I downloaded Beep Burner. I fear I'm doing something wrong because Deep Burner, first of all only recognizes 4.7Gbs of my disk. Additionally, I can't copy albums, no less artist folders to be burned. It seems I'm stuck with using CD's to burn this music. I'm vastly disappointed. Does anyone know of a burning software that can do this? It would be great if it was free too. If not, then cheap. I thought DB would do it. I now think I'm wrong. Can CDBurner do this? Can this be done at all?

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Well, CDBurnerXP should burn fine on a DVD DL first of all. So maybe you just try it first. Though for backup purposes, I'd recommend using an external hard drive or a large USB thumb drive instead.

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