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Unable to copy O/S bootable DVDs

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I've been unable able to copy bootable Windows O/S oem DVDs. Tried Win 7 64, it seems to copy all files, but when I test it, it will not boot from the DVD. I had another person try on a different PC, same results, no boot. I tried 2 different DVD/RWs, running Win 7 Pro 64, antivirus turned off. I know the disks are fine, because I had to go to an XP box running Win XP Pro x86, use Roxio 7 oem, which is what always works.


Is there something I'm missing, I simply use the copy "copy or grab disk". Is it really necessary to create an ISO first? Because, like I said, Roxio 7 will copy bootable disks on the fly.


Any ideas? Any & all info greatly appreciated.


Also, this is a great program, so keep up the good work, maybe change the name (the XP should go), and I'm ready to buy... once its completed, or at least we get this copy thing working.

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