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New here. Need help with MP3 music burn

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A friend and I on Facebook were chatting briefly about burning MP3 disks.  Seems that all the companies out there asking for money either give you features you can get from XP or Burnaware or it's overkill and confusing. 


Little info on me.  I'm an owner of a salon.  We are constantly at war with the music situation there.  So I created some compilations that folks seem to like but I wanted to perfect it, take out some artists and add in others and decided I also wanted some extra features I wasnt' getting from iTunes (the main program I've been using to burn these compiliations with).


I read there is a way to make the songs gapless but I'm wondering if the author of this software could make a "blend" script to take each song and blend each start and finish together of each song so it plays more like continuous.   If not I'm happy with the gapless feature I read about.


Another thing is I'm wondering if there is a way to make sure the volume level of each song is balanced with the other songs?  This was one of the issues with the last compilation I made.  Some songs were recorded at a lower level and others higher so we were running and turning things up and then back down again.  Really annoying. 


One compiliation I burned came out really bad.  None of the tags and text were read or written in (I think I used Burnaware for that one) and that was really disappointing as it's nice when your looking at the music player and the song title is scrolling by rather than "Track 01", "Track 02", etc....).  These songs are all encoded with the iTunes tags so hoping that this software can read that info and write it the tags and text to the disk!  If not what do I need to do in order for that to happen??  


Hope this first post isn't overly overwhelming.  Not my intention, just wanted to get this figured out and done.  


Thanks much


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Crossfading is an existing feature request, check https://cdburnerxp.uservoice.com/forums/165656-feature-requests/suggestions/2923982-allow-fade-in-fade-out-when-burning-audio-discs and vote for it if you want it done.


Volume normalization can be done using ReplayGain, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/kb/7


CDBurnerXP will automatically add CD-Text to audio discs based on ID3 tags, see https://cdburnerxp.se/help/Audio/compileaudio for some details. This would make those players that support it display artist and title information.

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I did have ONE other question..  IS there a way at all to MIX the tracks rather than having them all being burned in alphabetical order??


I knew I'd forget something.  LOL 



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I always compile my MP3s in the order I want in Windows Explorer, then I use a utility called Tag&Rename to append auto-increment numbers to the tracks, so for example:


Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Pitbull - Fireball




01 Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice

02 Adele - Rolling in the Deep

03 Pitbull - Fireball


That now is in alphabetical order, and fixes your compilation in the order you want :)



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Thanks WIBS.  I'll check out that utitlity! 

A better way to number tracks is with Bulk Rename Utility. Just select the files to add numbering to, play with the options under Numbering and see the results in the preview window BEFORE confirming with the Rename button. I usually use the following:


Mode: Prefix

at: 1

Start: 1

Incr: 1

Pad: 2

Break: 0


That will number tracks 01...99 (with a padded leading zero to ensure that alphabetical sorting is correct. If you are processing more than a hundred files then set Pad to 3


You can then use Tag&Rename to fill in the track number tags automatically by selecting the first two or three characters of a filename.

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Hi all,


I use AIMP as my main audio player, and one of its utilities is the Tag Editor. And one of the features of the Tag Editor is to refill the metadata from the filename.


For instance, a file named 1-01 - Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Our Rhythm.mp3 will got its metadata as:

[1 = CD number]

[01 = track number]

[Terry Lee Brown Jr. = artist]

[Our Rhythm = track name]


And another feature of the Tag Editor is to do this vice versa, i.e, rename filenames from the metadata.


So, if you have properly saved the Artist, Title & Track # fields into the ID3 tag, you can rename files as:

01 - Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Our Rhythm.mp3, or 01 - Our Rhythm.mp3, or 01. Our Rhythm.mp3, etc.


Just be sure you have filled ID3 tags before renaming those files.



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