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Can't burn to dvd drive in win 8 but works in win xp

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I have a 2 HDD PC, one HD boots WinXP the other boots Win 8.0.


When I boot up WinXP, CDBurnerXP Ver works fine - both Read and Write.


When I boot up Win 8.0 CDBurnerXPVer will Read from the DVD Drive BUT it will not Write(burn) to a CD or a DVD. The burn takes about 20 sec., no errors reported and Says it completed successfully.

BUT IT DID NOT complete successfully.  


The DVD Burner is a Lite-on DH16AASH ATAPI SATA interface.

I was going to UpDate the Firmware but if Firmware UD will not fix this, I DO NOT want to UpDate FW.


Any info on a fix would be nice.


Thank You, Ben Bart

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Thanks for the info.


I tried BU image iso files and CD Wav files. They both fail when CDBurnerXp writes to disk - like I said it burns for 30-sec., says burn completed successfully but the disk is untouched and is still a good blank I can use with the other 2 Programs. I did not try SPDT DRIVER but I did install 2 other burn software's , ImageBurn from Lightining UK, and Nero Burn 2014.


Both of these programs work fine on Windows 8.0


I will try SPDT Driver later this week and see what happens, but now I can use these other Prog. so it might be a while before I try SPDT Driver.


Thanks BB

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Hi, I did try the SPDT driver and It Did Fix my issue. CDBurnerXP works fine in Windows 8.0 and 8.1. Tried to burn Data and MP3 and Audio(.wav) disk and all work good.

I like this Program a lot and will use it all the time now.


Thank You floele for the heads up!



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