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Burning CDs with audible gaps / countdown between tracks

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Hi again,


I want to ask you about a burning method that I have found on 2 CDs so far. I think one of them is The Crystal Method's Vegas, but I can't remember very well. I do remember the other, it's Music At The Speed Of Sound, the Gran Turismo 2 OST.


This CD was recorded in a no totally gapless playback, it has pauses between some tracks, with long countdowns before the next track begins. The crazy thing is that there's audio in the gaps! Yes, there's sound in the countdown! :huh: That's not all — Some tracks are gapless [the final sound of a track flows into the next track's beginning], and some others have these long gaps with sound. This is insane, I know.


So, I was wondering if I can do the same with CDBurnerXP for my personal projects, since I got the CUE sheet of Music At The Speed Of Sound by ripping it as a whole disc in one file + CUE with dBpowerAMP but it didn't help — the audible gap's time/segment was added to the previous track.


Thank you in advance.

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