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I have had aborted burns due to CDBurnerXP informing me that the discs I am using are inferior or not compatible with the drive I am using.  This is odd I have burned lots of discs with the same make of disc without a problem.  Is this a known problem? I have had 3 dual layered discs aborted this week.

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The CDBurnerXP error message is H RESULT 0x80040275


It is informing that perfectly good discs are not compatible and inferior and then ruins them by aborting nearly half way through a burn.  This is happening with dual layered discs  I noticed a visual basic error after but I am not entirely sure if it is related.


During the burn process at disc verification I noticed that the windows disc auto run feature came on again ( would you like to view files on disc)

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Thanks for answering floele. I did a reinstall of CDburnerxp and successfully burned a dual layer disc today.  I would not have did a reinstall if I'd seen your post sooner.  I have looked at the instructions of how to produce a log file and if the problem which is intermittent happens again I will be posting here.  It rendered the discs useless or they were costers.  The burns would abort either during the burning process or the verification process with either a message informing that the disc were not of good quality, compatible or inferior. or it would inform the verification process had failed and disc may be unreadable.


I am assuming a user can verify the disc in multiple session mode providing they have not removed the files from their hard drive from the previous burn sessions on their dvd disc.  

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