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CDBurnerXP no longer running in Windows 8.1

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I see someone had posted a similiar topic back in Nov 2014, but I had been using CDBurnerXP without any problems in my Windows 8.1 setup until just recently.


My Windows 8.1 Setup is set for automatic updates, and I suspect something in a recent update may have killed CDBurnerXP. When I click on CDBurnerXP to run, I see nothing. Using the Task Manager, I see that the process has started but that is all I can see. There is no icon in the taskbar. Worse, running CDBurnerXP now causes my computer to crash. I now get blue screens where I see nothing at all, requiring hard shutdown using the power button. If CDBurnerXP is running and not causing the blue screen, it seems to lock up my other programs, again requiring a reboot. However, the computer will not shut down normally and just stays on the restarting icon, circling forever, requiring me to hit the power switch again.


I have uninstalled the most recent version of CDBurnerXP and reinstalled an earlier version, as I read this solved the problem for others in the Nov 2014 thread. It did not work for me.


I tried the troubleshooting steps outlined in the Nov 2014 thread, including removing my Virtual Disk program. That did not help. I still cannot get CDBurnerXP to run.


Other than Windows 8.1 updates, one of the new programs I have added to my system is DrivePool. However, CDBurnerXP was running fine with DP before, so I don't think that is the problem. I have also added Plex server to this system, which runs in the background and I don't know if that is causing a problem. I can say that CDBurnerXP was running fine before I installed Plex, and now it does not, but there was a Windows update during that same time.


CDBurnerXP works just fine in my Windows 7 computer, so I have moved all my burning tasks to that system. However, I really do miss CDBurnerXP on my main Windows 8.1 system.


Any fresh ideas on troubleshooting would be appreciated.



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