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I'm new to the forum.  I have spent the whole day trying to back-up a year+ worth of photos, approx 10GB in total, onto my normal DVD+R discs.  I have used CDBurnerXP for years and love its easy, rapid interface.  But today, it rejected disc after disc, with the HRESULT: 0x80040255 message, then wrote one, then rejected a few.  I uninstalled CDB and installed the latest verssion and wrote 1 more, then it rejected all my discs.  I didn't think of repeatedly shutting down CDB and restarting.  What I did was load IMGBurn and this is not so easy to use but burned the remaining 4 discs one after the other.  I am running WIN 7 and have an hp desktop - very common setup I suppose.  So I concluded the fault was not with my discs or the hardware, but with CDB.

It is a great shame that the excellent CDB has been spoiled by what is definitely a software problem and after all this I looked to see if there was a forum and found this one.  It seems inconceivable that this problem, which haas been going for 2 years, has not been solved as far as I can see.  I know it is a free product but I would have thought the problem was a serious one and yet in all the reviews there is no mention of this awful fault.  So do we have to close down after each disc... for ever?

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It has not been going on for two years, the issue is quite new. Unfortunately StarBurn is not exactly fast when reacting to issues so the fix takes much longer than I would like.

They promised to provide a fixed version shortly though.

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