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just updated, have a problem, please help

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So, just yesterday I was using the program, with no problems, then i had to restart my pc and booted up cdburnerxp to finish making a cd.   Well, it asked to update to the newest version, which I did but since then I've never been able to get past the initial "disc options" menu.  So in the task manager/processes, I noticed getpopupinfo.exe using up to 50% of memory and pretty much halting my machine.   I've gone to dbmusic converter to get information, and unclicked all windows explorer integration, but still run into the same problem.  Also, only when I start up this version of cdburnerxp has this ever occurred.   So I'm curious if there is something that I can do to get this to stop,  or possibly go back to a different version of the software that worked.   Any Suggestions, help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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You should probably try an older version just to make sure whether or not the newer version of CDBurnerXP is to blame or not. Otherwise it will make problem solving a bit difficult.

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