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CDBurnerXP not opening in Windows 10

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Hi All


I have had this problem twice now and I thought I had it resolve but I guess I don't. The issue:


I have recently upgraded to Windows 10, it was a fresh install not an upgrade. I then downloaded the newest version of CDBurnerXP and installed it. The first time I started the app nothing happen. I double click on the desktop shortcut again and again nothing. I look at my taskmanager and I see 2 processes running called CDBurnerXP. I then try to end task both of them but only 1 of them I was able to end task. The other process is stuck there. Hitting the End Task button doesn't do anything. I then try to reboot my PC and my PC will not reboot it gets stuck and Windows is shutting down or restarting I can't remember now. So after 10 minutes of waiting I then power off my PC to shut it down. Not good right?


I reboot my PC and then I decide to go in the CDBurnerXP desktop settings and set it to run as an administrator. Then I double click on the icon and voila, the program works and i was able to burn a DVD with no issues. That was about 1 week ago.


Now today I double click on the CDBurnerXP icon on my desktop and again I have the exact same program that I had on day 1 of my Windows 10 upgrade. The CDBurnerXP app will not start and the process gets stuck and now I cannot restart my PC without powering it off.


Can someone please assist me as this is getting really frustrating. 


I have a very strong IT background so if anybody knows what I can do let me know


Thanks in advance


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Hi All


I decided to try sysinternals tool "Process Explorer" and try to kill the CDBurnerXP process from there and I am stuck with a thread that will not die. "Combase.dll" Screen shot provided. 


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