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[IDEA] Normalize all songs to one volume & cutting empty sounds

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My name is Matthew and I'm from Poland.
How are you guys?

I'm using CDBurnerXP from 6-7 years now. It is my best program to burning CD's, DVD's and etc. It's very small, simple to use.
I was thinking that in the newest version will be already function that I badly wanted from the beggining - NORMALIZE ALL SONGS like in CDEX before burning for example, AUDIO CD.
I really need this.

I don't want to change in this situation program to burn my CD's/DVD's. I don't want to use NERO in this situations.
I want that CDBurnerXP will check my songs before burn to discs. Like you can do that in NERO.

And I was thinking about option that CDBurnerXP will be automatically finding empty places in our song for example in the beginning of the song or in the ending and it will be automatically deleting these empty places.

What are you guys thinking about my ideas?
Please let me know.

Kind Regards,
Matthew from Poland

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CDBurnerXP absolutely does not normalise track volumes for burning. It relies on a player being able to identify ReplayGain code telling it to play quiet tracks at higher volume. If the player does not support the function the burned CD is valueless. The admin's answer is disappointing in that's it's misleading. Typical CD players and some legacy audio players and Android apps do not support ReplayGain. :(

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